The first post

Taken on my trip to the Azores

The site is organized through different tabs on the home page and through blog posts.

I have self-experimented and learned about non-prescription ways to boost mood. I figured that these experiences and knowledge that I have gained could be helpful to other people as well.

My experience as a mental health pharmacist has also been extremely important in developing my frames of reference in treating mental health disorders.

Multiple new habits can be difficult to start all at the same time. Also, from a scientific side, minimizing variables is very important. I would only start one mood boosting experiment at a time so that I would be able to know which experiment was helpful to me and which was not. If I started a few at the same time then I would have no way of knowing what exactly was effecting my mood. I tried to approach the topics as scientifically as I could.

I plan to add more tabs, more reviews and to conduct more self-experimentation to find better ways to treat depression.

Thank you for reading and visiting my site.


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3 thoughts on “The first post

  1. This is such an interesting blog – really like the topics you are focused on (nutrition, meditation, finding meaning, etc.) and appreciate your desire to help. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing this grow.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement and the kind words!

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  2. I was given 6 weeks of Prozac samples before I knew I was depressed. I was suicidal by the third pill. I flushed the rest. I then tried supplements, exercise, less caffeine & it helped but not enough. A few months later, I was given Effexor & felt back to normal in 3 months & wanted off but the doctor said he wanted me to keep taking them. A couple months later I wanted off again & was told to stay on. A year after starting Effexor, I was given Lexapro instead. Ten years later, I was on 8 prescriptions & weaned myself off. Since then, I’ve discovered permanent side effects & I’ve been beating myself up ever since. THIS is what I’ve been hoping for! You have no idea how thrilled & grateful I am that you’re doing this! Bless you Sir!!!


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